Our standards are high

Every Vegan Pure formula is 100% vegan (no animal products, animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients), cruelty-free (we publicly oppose the testing of any of our products or ingredients on animals), and plant-based. Vegan Pure is the only national brand that is a 20 FREE clean formula.

We love the good

  • 100% Vegan

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Plant-Based

  • Non-Toxic

  • Real Results

  • Fast-Acting

  • Ease of Use

  • Made in USA

We don't use the bad

Free of these 20 harmful ingredients: Animal-Derived Ingredients, Parabens, Formaldehyde, FormaldehydeResin, Toluene, Silicone, Phthalates (including DBP), Carmine, Camphor, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Hydroquinone, Triphenyl Phosphate, Xylene, Glycol Ether of Series E, Ethyl Tosylamide, Bismuth Oxychloride, Bisphenol A, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, Styrene.

Innovation is delivering results

We always use the most advanced technology to ensure our concentrated formulas absorb deeper and provide fast-acting results.

Quality is USA made

Our team oversees every step from product formulation to production and packaging. To guarantee the quality of our products and to ensure our ethical standards of production are upheld, all our products are proudly made in the United States.

Animal kindness is beautiful

In 2005, Nail-Aid/Anise, the parent company of Vegan Pure, was one of the first beauty brands to receive the PETA Trail-Blazer Award for its public position against animal testing. (Thank you, PETA!) In these earlier days, we were already vocal even when the subject of cruelty-free was still a whisper in the air.